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The best way to control, manage and automate your institution’s information .


Administration of healthcare services information through a system that allows you to create plans, register groups, manage policies, automate the processes involved in purchasing plans, and make payments for services and to suppliers.

Functions of our Life Insurance module:


-Status of the contractors and affiliates.

-Refund (Application of payments by validity of the policy or affiliate).

-Registration and modifications of agents.

-Management of the commissions payments.

-Counts catalog.

-Center of costs.

-Contable exercise and periods.


-Registration and modification of reinsurers.

-Participation by reinsurers.

Benefits of the system:


-Demographic control of information.

-Average cost estimation by the borrowed services and factors related to the utility, serve, administration expenses, etc.

-Control of estimated and average rates for the posterior generation of different planes in base of projections by age ranges or affiliates groups.

-Control all changes in the general data.

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