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Operational  process  control  and  administration  to  guarantee  quality  and safety in the blood bank management.


The best way to manage and control operational processes and guarantee quality and security in Blood Bank administration. Manage and control easily and safely donors and recipients information as well as units of blood products.

Functions of our Blood Bank module:


-The information administrate through the Blood Bank module is stored in a central data base that has all the security measures and the capability to guarantee instant access to the information.

-Administration (Admisión, identification, orders, billing).

-Quality (Expirations control, storage and identification of hematic packages through a bar code, deliver and tracking of them).

-Support service (Providers control, purchases, warehouse and sub warehouse).

-Operative and oficial reports.

-Direct information.


-Information backups.

Benefits of the system:


-Dispose the emission of statistic reports such as the internal of the blood bank and the requested by external entities like Mexican Health Secretariat, with online information and without recaptures of possibilities of errors by user.

-Control of the inventory for the tracking of the used supplies in the services.

-Optimize the evaluations of donors. 

-Control the storage of blood units.

-Integrate the billing and administration process of institution agreements, particular patients and own population.

-Condense every order in to the state of the account of the patient.

-Print labels with bar codes for storage.

-Include the handling of catering process.

-Optional integration of the functionality of financial modules.

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