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Control and operative function automatization of ambulatory assistance and external consultation.


It is the most recommended system for your institution in areas of control and automation of operational tasks in
ambulatory care and external consultation, which uses an electronic agenda and an eelectronic medical chart that
meets social. We combine the administrative and nancial control of your healthcare units through the
effective management of an electronic medical chart of high availability, simplicity, speed and ubiquity in all levels
of the process.

Functions of our External Consultation module:


-All the processes of your clinic will be controlled from one system: External Consultation.

-Administrative cycle of the patient.

-National health card.

-Departamental services (Imaging, Laboratory, etc.).

-Support services (Providers, fix actives, warehouse and sub warehouse).

-Clinic attention of the patient.

-Financial control.

-Telephonic appointment or by internet.


Benefits of the system:


-Make a secure lifetime registration and a record of every patient.

-Facilitate the revision of methods and results of diagnostics and treatments.

-Integrate tracking models and tracings of patients by group through the protocols by speciality.

-Maintain a departmental control of activities facilitating the execution and measurement.

-Lead to the standardization of the registered information.

-Generate reports, epidemiological tendencies and statistics of productivity.

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