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Efficient clinical, administrative, and ­financial information management.​




It is a management system that enables the management of clinical, administrative and financial information in a hospital environment.
You can control from beginning to end the cycle of patient care, clinical charts, the nancial and material resources of the institution.
These will help you to increase the quality and productivity of the service, and support decision-making at all levels of the organization
based on real and concise data

Functions of our Hospital module:


-Patient administration.

-Patient care.

-Billing and fees.

-Purchase and supplies.

-Catalogs and security.

-Financial control.

-External consultation.

-Blood bank.

-OLAP cubes.




Benefits of the system:


-Optimize the utilization of your resources making the institution more competitive and efficient in all levels.

-Improve the quality in the attention of patients.

-Increase the productivity of the medical staff and gives a secure management of hospital information.

-Simplify the hospital processes.

-Protect your investment, preventing the lost of inventory and leaks of capital.

-Support in the taking of secure decisions, trustworthy and in real time.

-Allows to reach an effective processes integration with all the levels of the organization, to achieve an efficient relation with all your clients and providers.

-Facilitate the fulfillment of norms and national standard of security and of patient attention. 

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