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Clinical analysis studies in laboratory and  focused  administration  management.


It is the best and most effcient management system for laboratory administration, as well as the organization and
optimization of resources and processes. It manages and controls your laboratory unit safely and reliably in information
handling. Optimization of the use your equipment with great connectivity features to all your clients and
suppliers, as well as online consultation of their results and productivity reports.

Functions of our Laboratory module:


-Control all your processes of your unities from one system: Enlace Laboratory

-Administration (Admission, budget, contracts handling, samples reception, orders, billing).

-Control through bar codes of the samples and the studies to do.

-Support services (Suppliers control, fix actives, warehouse and sub warehouse).

-Financial control.

-Directive information.


Benefits of the system:


-Reduce to zero the expenses linked to the consume of paper in the register of  applications and in the subsequent capture of results.

-Optimize considerably the time of response to the patient.

-Organize and distribute in an efficient way all the work loads.

-Administrate and control efficiently the warehouse supplies and the logistic of orders.

-Integrate models of investigation and tracing of patients by grow through protocol by specialty.

-Facilitate the retrospective revision of diagnostic methods and treatments.

-Support the planning and development of strategies through the right determination of costs.


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