Personalized monitoring system for the user´s health.

Benefits of the system Vital Care:


-Clinical information control of the user.

-Plans, preventive medicine models and personalized tracing

-Personalized web record.

-Positive increase on the health of the user.

-Workforce productivity increase.

-Decrease in costs for incapability, absenteeism and personal rotation.

-Increasing on satisfaction and quality life levels.


Measurements made by our phisical module:


Weight, height and BMI


Oxygen levels in blood and heart rate


Measure and gratification of the electric activity of the heart



Blood pressure systolic and diastolic and heart rate


Glucose levels in blood


Healthcare plan integrated with the software installed in our physical module:


-Situational evaluation of the condition of health 

-Summary and interpretation of data

-Life style plans personalized for each user